The Secret Life of the Red Fox

I have to admit that the reason I grabbed for 7175WDFhxCLLaurence Pringle’s latest book was because of the illustration on the cover (Kate Garchinsky). Boyd’s Mills Press’s The Secret Life of the Red Fox is, in a word, gorgeous. It follows a female fox, Vixen, through several months, through the spring, until the fall–prior to the birth of her kits, until they leave her. It contains some very basic information about foxes in the main text, and an authors note at the end fleshes that out further. There is also a glossary and recommended reads at the end.

While kids will be taken in by Vixen’s stories, adults will find themselves wowed by the illustrations. This book could be useful to zoo educators who talk about foxes or crepuscular animals, and is a must-have for educators in nature centers.

Ages: 6-9

Grade: K-4

32 pages



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