My Books

My newest book, coming in the fall of 2017: NightCreepers-5_Page_01Night Creepers. Illustrated by Shennen Bersani. This book takes a look at common North American nocturnal and crepuscular animals.

See the book trailer here.


Once Upon an Elephant released in 2016, again, illustrated by 6a00d8345407c169e201b7c871404a970b-320wiShennen Bersani. This book looks at elephant as keystone species and was “recommended” by the National Science Teachers Association, and became a finalist in both the IRA’s Children’s Choice Book Awards, and Pennsylvania’s Keystone to Reading Book Awards.



Lead writer on the “Ambassador Animals” chapter of Dr. Laurie Marker’s book, Cheetahs: Biodiversity of the World: Conservation from Genes to Landscapes, coming in November, 2017.



In 2009, I wrote Beco’s Big Year: A Baby Elephant Turns One, for the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium’s publishing program. It still continues strong sales in all my schools visits. This is the book that began my journey as the kidlit conservationist!